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Your best partner for entering the Asia market

PLAY4FUN is a team forged with professional talents from multiple fields. We are dedicated to localization and offer all kinds of service you need to operate your business in Asian markets, including: ranslation, dubbing, game testing, assets localization, marketing, public relations, outdoor and digital advertising, customer support, and other business process outsourcing services.

Bridging Between Players and Game Publishers

Starting from the perspective of gamer communities, of which we are intimately familiar with, we endeavor to provide quality experiences and comprehensive social platforms for players of all categories of games. PLAY4FUN bridges the gap between game publishers and gamers, and assists foreign companies in entering Asian markets like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia by providing premium comprehensive logistic services and tailored solutions.




Web games, mobile games, cross-platform 3A video games and so on, no matter what your products are, PLAY4FUN can deliver complete solution for your localization project needs. Our service contains text translation, localization QA, dubbing, cultural advice and platform or local law compliance testing. We bring the synergy between veteran industry talents and veteran gamers to craft accurate and authentic high-quality localized content for local gamers.

Online Community Management

Acting as the first-line responder bridging interaction between publishers and gamers, PLAY4FUN utilizes languages familiar to local gamers, integrate and rapidly adjust to trending topics in order to cultivate gamer communities. Market through key opinion leaders and online celebrities, organize appropriate community strategies in Asia for major publishers, PLAY4FUN can help to sculpt a comprehensive image for brands and companies, as well as the promotion of individual products.

Customer Support

PLAY4FUN offers online technical cross-platform support and solutions for PC, mobile devices and consoles on game software general inqury, account and technical issues. We can also provide the best Mandarin English and Thai language specialist for the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian markets. We also possess extensive experience in translating, editing, planning, establishing and executing multilingual front-end customer service interfaces linked to third-party programs, as well as multilingual FAQ databases.

Local Marketing & Public Relations

We can cover all kinds of online/offline marketing campaigns, customized event websites, media relations maintenance and influencer relations management, to help a brand to plan and run the one-stop creative marketing projects which can match the needs of the local markets.

Digital Advertisements

Our professional digital advertising team can run the advertising operations on the multimedia display networks and social medias, including the international platforms like Google Display Network (GDN), Facebook, Instagram, LINE. Moreover, our team are officially-certified by Google and Facebook for digital advertising. We also provide the professional advertising services for other platforms like Weibo and Bilibili. With the proven experience of our team, we can help to create marketing copies and advertising assets, and continue to analyze and adjust on the fly when the advertising is in progress, aiming for the best results of digital advertising.

e-Sports and Live Streaming Programs

We have rich experience in the online/offline tournament planning and execution, online program creation, software/hardware implementation and execution for online streaming and interpretation for product showcase. We are expert in helping the brands or public relations firms to run the player-facing community events and tournaments. We are sure to improve the professionalism of events and meet the target audience’s demand.



Electronic Arts

Comprehensive community engagement plans involving Facebook, Plurk, blogs, YouTube, and other online and offline activities.

Customer Support & Services for Traditional Chinese Clients

Media Relations Contact and Press Distribution

Apex Legends e-Sport COmmunity Tournament

Online Talk Shows for announcing upcomming titles

Real-Time Interpretation for Online Showcases


NVIDIA Arena Battlefiled 3 Tournament - Tournament Execution

GeForce eSports - World of Tanks Open Tournament - Taiwan Regional Event Execution and Live Streaming


Online Marketing Campaign

Influencer Coopration Campaign

Stage Event in Taipei Game Show

Taiwan Mobile

GeForce NOW Influencer Cooperation Campaign

GeForce NOW Campus Promotional Campaign

GeForce NOW In-Store Promotional Campaign


Video Game Localization Management, Translation and Quality Assurance

Localization of Promotional Assets (Localization for graphics, video subtitles and video special effects.).

Interpretation for the Annual Product Showcase


Intern Project Event Website and Internal Attendance Management Management System.

Web Design for Promotional Events

Environment Planning and execution on Live Streaming for Tournaments

Digital Advertising

Gamer Community
「BFX / 戰地秘境」

Initially a gamer website started by "Old P" Pasture, based on the Battledield series of games, and incorporating perspectives, humor and the freedom afforded by a player-organized communty. With over 30,000 registered members, BFX.TW is one of the largest FPS online communities in Taiwan.